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Uno? Croccante!


Although it wasn't midnight, I was slightly concerned about breaking the Milan Gelato curfew when Stefano enticed me to step out for an after dinner stroll. I'm thrilled to report that the discovery of Croccante, my new favourite gelato, was worth the risk of arrest. As intensely as I hate bananas, I adore gelati. Icecream, but more specifically gelato, is my favourite food.

For many years Bar Italia in Leichhardt has been my numero uno spot for an after dinner gelato. I always have the same double combination; hazelnut on the bottom topped with strawberry. Belissima! So when I heard that we were moving to Milan, a city where people take their food, especially their gelati, seriously, I realised that a whole new world of flavours awaited. 

So why not devote a page on this blog to my love of gelati as I embark on a weekly quest to find the BEST gelato in Milano.

This week's featured gelataria is...MAG Mastri Artigiani del Gelato

The choice of flavours was extensive. How to decide? A little taste of Croccante made it an easy decision. 

One taste of Croccante and I was hooked. I struggled to give Stefano a quick taste. Selfish I know, but I needed to savour every mouthful, after all, I was conducting research.

Taste test summary
Croccante is a crunchy mix of nuts, possibly almonds and hazelnuts, in a vanilla gelato threaded with swirls of caramel toffee. It sounds very sweet but it wasn't. Nor was it too creamy.

Gelati rating  *****
Croccante is going to be very hard to beat. I think I already have a new favourite flavour and it's only Week 1!

It's unanimous. We've found best gelati in Milano according to Nic, Cherie, Stefano and me.

Try it here.
MAG Mastri Artigiani del Gelato
Corner of Corso Genova & Via Gaudenzio Ferrari

But then again, perhaps Croccante was just the baseline measure.  The research continues next week...

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